Telikin Computer for Seniors

Telikin Computer For Seniors

Why a Senior Computer : Today's technology is so widespread that most of us take it for granted. Not only do we consider that we can contact us immediately and obtain information, but we also consider how this technology works ...

This is one of the reasons behind the idea of ​​a large computer.

Many beginners in older computers have not had the opportunity to learn computer skills that are secondary to technology enthusiasts. Windows, desktop, drop-down menu, right-click, minimize, maximize, taskbars, etc. They are familiar to us because we have been using computers with these functions for a long time. Never stop thinking about how confused you are with someone who has never used a computer before.

 Telikin Computer is the best computer for seniors.



Telikin Computer Features Technical Specifications Reviews

·         All-in-one design

·         Virus resistant!

·         E-mail

·         Video chat

·         Browse the web

·         Wireless (Wi-Fi) ready

·         Optional DVD / CD player / burner

·         Fast 16 GB hard drive

·         Games: Built-in and online

·         Custom Interface + Built-in Apps

·         MS-Compatible Word Processor

·         MS-Compatible Spreadsheets

·         Calendar with notifications

·         Address Book with Easy-Connect

·         Adobe Flash Support


·         Supports HP Printers

Telikin computer support number 1833-338-9444

learn computers, they describe frustration, exhaustion and loss:

"Where I am?"

"Where did the screen go?"

"Where did you keep it?"

"How did you get here and how do I get back?"

Some of the major design barriers of the interface are the complexity of mobility for high-level computer users:

1) The disappearance of the desk.

2) drop-down menus

3) superimposed windows

4) Missing or missing buttons

Suppose, simply, that everyone can, and should only, learn to deal with these complexities of navigation for the use of computers, and that they are limited in themselves. Just because I want to be able to run eight different programs, open a dozen tabs on the Internet and play music on the computer, does not mean that everyone wants or needs to do all these things at once.

An example of why the computer should be of a different size.

An example of this "less is more" in the design of the interface can be an example of this through a physical conversation he had with a client a few weeks ago. A fifty-year-old man was thinking of taking Telikin to his elder father. He called me, with his father in the room, to ask me some questions. One of them was: "Can my father open several windows for the Internet browser?" After explaining how our structured interface allows to open a single screen of the web browser, the man replied: "Well, my father said to me: Why, anyway, do I want more than one Internet screen?"

Computers for new and older users should not be complex. Telikin was created and designed and created for a different type of user, someone who wants to experience a computer more easily! It simplifies these aspects of computer navigation, which are often frustrating and confusing for beginners, while retaining the functionality required for a traditional computer. Technology should make tasks like keeping in touch easier and more pleasant; and everyone, including the elderly, should have a computer they like to use.

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